Marketing Survey

Marketing Survey

Whether your business is large or small, marketing connects you to your customers.

Knowing what is working and what’s not, and how to get the best return on your marketing investment is just good business.

You can’t effectively manage what you can’t measure, and that’s what fundamentally separates paper (static) ads from digital interactive advertising.

Again, what do prospects have with them at all times?

Is it a newspaper, magazine, grocery store receipt, coupon book, desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone?

It’s their cell phone, and more often than not, especially in the next few years, it’ll be some type of smartphone.

Before we delve into digital advertising

And what Infusing Markets can do to help your business grow, take some time to answer this marketing survey.  It’ll set a reference point to manage your marketing strategy.

Marketing Reference Baseline


I have a marketing plan for my business.

I have at least one person responsible for managing our marketing efforts.

Our staff is familiar with how we market our company’s products and services.

Market Research

  • I know my target market and I have a full written description of this market.
  • I’ve narrowed my target market to my most likely customers (age, sex, income level, location)
  • I’ve estimated the number of customers in my target market who could potentially buy from me.
  • I know who my closest three competitors are, what services they offer and what their prices are.
  • I’ve done a price comparison between my business and my closest competitors and have made notes on why someone would choose us over them and why someone might choose them over us.
  • I am aware of what income my business could produce at its current level.
  • I subscribe to a relevant newsletter or trade journal, so that I stay current with the industry.

Marketing Methods


  • We have a website and the address is:
  • We have more than one website and the other addresses are:
  • I have a keyword list for my business and check it regularly to keep it updated.
  • The information on our site is current and updated regularly.
  • Our website is easy to navigate and visitors can find the most important information from the home page.
  • Our website collects visitor information through a newsletter or special sign up offer.
  • We have an automatic email message (auto-responder) that is sent out when someone subscribes.
  • Our phone number and address is listed on our web site and is easy to find.
  • We have a contact page on our site with a map or written directions (if appropriate)

Your website answers the following questions:

  • An “About Us” page or something that tells the company’s history.
  • Services and products we offer are easy to see on the home page.
  • Different pages on the site give more information about the products and services we offer.
  • Enough information to answer a customer’s questions, perhaps a frequently asked questions section.
  • The site has several informational articles on our area of expertise.
  • Client testimonials are posted that include a picture and name.
  • The site has clear, attractive photos of our products.
  • The site has a price list, prices with the products or menu (restaurant).
  • Photos of our personnel.


  • We have a system in place to collect email addresses for clients and potential clients.
  • We use a “spam protection” email marketing service like Constant Contact or iContact.
  • We produce regular email newsletters for our customers and clients.
  • We keep track of the responses to our email mailings to our email list (opens, clicking on links, unsubscribe rates)
  • We occasionally send out special mailings such as one-time offers or alerts.
  • We have email sequences that we use for events such as welcoming a new customer, a list of tips and hints, etc.

Online Advertising Methods

What online advertising methods does your business currently employ?

Pay Per Click such as Google AdWords.

Search Engine Optimization – a variety of links, structured data, keywords and tags that are optimized to help customers find us using our most important offerings.


We have a blog on our website or our website is a blog.

We have a separate blog such as Blogger or WordPress.  (website address)

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook Like Page (Fan Page)
  • Twitter account
  • LinkedIn account
  • YouTube Channel
  • Flickr account
  • Our business is using these social marketing tools competently.
  • Our business needs help learning how to use these social marketing tools.

Local Business Listings

Check off which local business listings you’ve set up and claimed.

  • Google My Business
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • Other

Mobile Search

Check off what you have set up.

  • Site optimized for mobile users.
  • Mobile landing page
  • Mobile Ads
  • QR Codes
  • SMS

Facebook Ads

Are you using Facebook ads?

Banner Advertising on other sites?

Banner network or direct cross promotion banners?

What other advertising methods do you use?

  • Referral program for existing customers
  • Affiliate program for related business referrals
  • Direct mail
  • Radio ads
  • TV ads
  • Val Pak (or coupon deck)
  • Newspapers
  • Craig’s List
  • Angie’s List

Street Visibility and Signage

(If physical location is important) Our business has a sign that is easily visible from the street.

Press Releases

Our business uses press releases to make announcements.

Media Kits

Our business has an online, email ready and printed media kit for media inquiries we might receive.


I have an annual marketing budget.

Our marketing budget is based on a percentage of our gross revenue.

Average monthly spending for current marketing and advertising.


How do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing methods?

  • I keep track of how a caller or new customer heard about us by asking them and writing it down.
  • I keep a spreadsheet tally of where calls and customers come from.
  • Our staff is trained to ask where a customer found out about us, including how they got to our website.
  • We have a system to separately track how our different marketing methods are working for getting new customers.

What are your biggest marketing challenges and concerns?


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